Once every year, ever since 2018, the Fluxus Festival has reclaimed Parodos Hill from the rushing traffic, handing it over to merrymakers climbing the Parodos Hill in the most outlandish costumes. They ascend the hill in whatever way their imagination takes them, whether it be backwards, in somersaults, with their eyes closed, or having hitched a friend to a wheelbarrow to pull it along. 🤯

And at the top of the hill, a dessert awaits 🧁- an (un)expected and (extra)ordinary creative happening consisting of music, performances and artistic installations.

Buckle up – in the year of the European Capital of Culture 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣2️⃣, the fifth Fluxus Festival on 10 September will be bigger and more fantastic than ever before.


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Pledge to climb the Parodos Hill on 10/09 at 20:61

The theme of this year’s festival: INSTRUCTION MANUALS. Forget boring leaflets, labels, and diagrams. When you reach the top of the hill, you’ll be greeted by a Fluxus performance campus bursting with the most bizarre performances, and everyone who visits will be involved in the frantic action. Fluxus instruction manuals, which will be scattered throughout the festival space, will invite you to break out of the everyday and experience your daily routine upside down.


The Fluxus Festival is open to everyone – come and bring a neighbour with you! In 2022, we will storm Parodos Hill on 10 September at 20:61

8 September


Discussion with Jeffrey Perskins on “Fluxus in the Past and the Present” and screening of the film “George”

Kaunas Picture Gallery

9 September

17:00 – 18:00

Costume making workshop

Summer Stage

10 September

15:00 – 20:00

Costume making workshop

Children’s playground beside the Soboras

Naked boy statue beside the Soboras

Café Kultūra


Costume making workshop

J. Mačiūnas Square


Festival launch: community performances in Fluxus fashion

J. Mačiūnas Square


Climbing up the Parodos Hill

Parodos Hill

22:25 – 00:00

Fluxus performance campus


Let your imagination run wild – join the costume making workshops and create your own Fluxus alter ego. Details of the workshops are laid in the programme above.